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SDMC america technology incorporated

biosolids/biomass material handling system design & manufacturing

Leading organic material handling manufacturer located alongside the St. Croix River in Wisconsin, USA

product design

Whole material handling plant system, for both wet or dried material. Customized system or full module turn-key plant.

storage technology

The SDMC storage bin can be rectangular or round in design. The bin size is custom designed. The bin is equipped with level sensor, load cell, discharge device assembly and knife gate. The outlet connects to either a downstream pump or conveyor. All bin systems are fitted with PLC control panel and hydraulic power unit with accumulator.

conveying technology

Conveying sticky material can pose a tough challenge for customers. For short distance transportation we use screw conveyor technology, it will be shaftless conveyor or shaft conveyor. For long distance or high pressure case, we use piston pump technology, which by hydraulic driven to move pistons to push material forward. If elevate dryer material, we use vertical conveyor.

elevation technology

Dryer material can absorb moisture and become more difficult to handle. Our elevators are tailored specifically to clear material build up with design features including Composite scraper, no entrapment sites, infeed and discharge assists, static charge elimination and wash down duty motor.

discharge technology

Today industries add more difficult to handling material, such as tailing, refuse, wood by-products and Wet or Dry biosolids/biomass. The technologies we use to discharge these materials are Sliding Frame, Pushing Floor, Live bottom and Rotary discharger.


Whole material handling plant system, for both wet or dried material. Customized system or full module turn-key plant.


The service and support we extend is a key element of our value. From installation support, commissioning, and training to replacement parts provisioning and onsite servicing, we boast industry-leading responsiveness and lead times.

Maintenance & Service

We view our customers as the source and inspiration for all our innovations. By listening and proactively collaborating with users in the field, we continue to innovate new solutions that are relevant today.

  • SDMC’s world-class science, technology and engineering connect a deep understanding of system training and material knowledge to deliver value-added solutions for customers.
  • With decades of experience in design and manufacturing, we continue to research on new material, like composites.
  • We apply advanced industry class composite material in our systems.


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