EHA Products

What exactly is an EHA? An EHA (Electro Hydrostatic Actuator) replaces traditional hydraulic systems through the use of self-contained actuators operated solely through electrical power. An EHA eliminates the need for separating a hydraulic Power Pack and cumbersome hoses/tubing. This streamlines architectural aesthetics for various applications and provides overall safety and reliability improvements.

EHA’s designed and developed by SDMC are manufactured using only the highest quality parts and proven “in-application” reliability. SDMC EHA’s often include a servo motor, oil pump (gear or piston), manifold, valves, pressurized oil tank, hydraulic cylinders, and smart sensors in addition to many other options that can be customized depending upon the needs of the customer. Cylinders act linearly through electrical control signals. All SDMC EHA’s allow for optimal control of speed, position, and force.

Industrial Applications:

  • Environmental Protection: wastewater sludge handling silos, pump station hatch automation, valve automation
  • Robotics: motion control requirements and applications
  • Test Machines: force testing, high frequency force tests
  • Logistics: AGV (auto guide vehicle) lifting, multi-cylinder synchronized lifting

SDMC EHA’s have applications across various industries such as construction, food production, agriculture, metal processing (including pressing, bending, stamping), and numerous others.