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Elevation Technology


Our team has the knowhow gained from actual hands-on experience in conveying, storing, and unloading organic material ranging from 17% to 90% TS. The spectrum of tried and true technologies we use to accomplish the ultimate goals include sliding frame, pushing floor, rotary bottom, live bottom and vertical elevator.

About Elevation Technology

Conveying sticky and dryer material can pose a tough challenge for customers. Our elevators are tailored specifically to clear material build up with design features including Composite scraper, no entrapment sites, infeed and discharge assists, static charge elimination and wash down duty motor.

Advantages of SDMC Vertical:

– Low power consumption
– No metal wearing
– No corrosion parts contact material
– Low noise
– Smooth conveying
– No splillage
– No transfer point
– No moving parts
– Option structure: Open/Enclose/Air Tight

vertical conveyor

vertical screw conveyor

vertical conveyor

The service & support we offer is a key element of our value.

From installation support, commissioning, and training to replacement parts provisioning and onsite servicing, we boast industry-leading responsiveness and lead times.


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