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Our team has the knowhow gained from actual hands-on experience in conveying, storing, and unloading organic material ranging from 17% to 90% TS. The spectrum of tried and true technologies we use to accomplish the ultimate goals include sliding frame, pushing floor, rotary bottom, live bottom and vertical elevator.

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The service and support we extend is a key element of our value. From installation support, commissioning, and training to replacement parts provisioning and onsite servicing, we boast industry-leading responsiveness and lead times. We view our customers as the source and inspiration for all our innovations. By listening and proactively collaborating with users in the field, we continue to innovate new solutions that are relevant today.

SDMC’s world-class science, technology and engineering connect a deep understanding of system training and material knowledge to deliver value-added solutions for customers. With decades of experience in design and manufacturing, we continue to research on new material, like composites. We apply advanced industry class composite material in our systems. Thanks for today’s cutting edge material technology, the super characteristics of these material show more resistance to wear and corrosion, especially in critical environments.

Other Vital Information

SDMC’s material handling technology starts from dealing with the dewatered sludge, or called biosolids which is the residual of wastewater treatment plant after cleaning the water. Because there is water be held inside the microorganism cell, after machanical dewatering, it still have 80% water in it. It also smells and shows a kind of very sticky charactor. To move or storage such material is a tech challenge, SDMC uses haftless or shaft screw conveyor, Piston pump technologies to move the material, and Sliding frame, Rotary discharger and Live bottom silo technologies to storage and discharge.

To get ride of these sludge, plant needs to transport it to landfill or to deeper treatment plant. The more efficient way to transport sludge is to reduce the volume, by means of reducing water content. Normally it’s drying. After drying, its water content maybe vary from 35% to 90%,

Normally it’s drying. After drying, its water content maybe vary from 35% to 90%, then we have a brand new material has different charactor. SDMC extends its technologies to handle these new material by means of Vertical conveyor and Rotary discharger silo. Another way to get rid of the water is by breaking the cell wall, SDMC is developing the technology with piston pump to achieve the best result.

In recent two decades, people change the concept to consider sludge as a waste but energy resource. As it has high organic content, sometime more than 80% dry base. SDMC is pursuing the technology to reuse it as an energy source or mixed with biomass to get more engergy and treat more organic waste at same time. Also we’re in reseach to convert the sludge and biomass to nature compounds filter.


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