SDMC USA's Showcases EHA Technology at WIMTS


SDMC USA is preparing to make a significant impact at the Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show (WIMTS), the state's foremost manufacturing event. As an esteemed exhibitor, SDMC USA is geared up to showcase cutting-edge solutions tailored for Robotics, Material handling, construction, steel processing, automation, renewable-energy, and distinguished manufacturing leaders. We are eagerly this first week of October event.

Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show:

WIMTS isn't just an event; it's a celebration of vision, innovation, and career opportunities within Wisconsin's thriving manufacturing landscape. This extraordinary platform brings together industry pioneers, professionals, and enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements, exchange insights, and foster invaluable connections. For design firm consultant engineers seeking next-level wastewater management solutions, and esteemed manufacturing leaders striving for excellence, WIMTS is the ultimate destination to fuel inspiration and ignite progress.

Where Do You Find SDMC? Booth 0841!

Imagine a Material Handling or a AGV system revolutionized by new compact electro-hydraulic technology. Picture the efficiency gains and sustainable solutions that await. At SDMC USA's booth, get ready to experience the future of new electro-hydraulic actuator and systems. One shining example is a pilot cutting-edge symmetric cylinder electro hydraulic actuator. Dive deep into its capabilities as we unveil how it can reshape the manufacture landscape. Explore its potential to address challenges faced by heavy duty manufacture and system, enhancing control, precision, and performance. Witness the power of innovation as it propels the industry forward.

Transforming The Future of High Force and Accurate Control System

Our excitement for WIMTS knows no bounds. This event isn't just a showcase; it's a moment to connect, engage, and collaborate. We're eagerly anticipating the opportunity to interact with fellow visionaries, share insights, and pave the way for transformative partnerships. As we embark on this journey, stay tuned for an upcoming follow-up blog post. We'll be delving into our takeaways, offering insights gleaned, and sharing our vision for the future of Electro-hydraulic actuators and systems offer exceptional suitability for high-force applications and heavy-duty manufacturing, coupled with the advantage of achieving remarkable precision.

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